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Silver Gifts  > Jugs & Jug Sets
1  to 8 of total  8 Jugs & Jug Sets
Traditional PLAIN Water Jug with Bamboo Edging at base - 9 Inch Ht. - 925 Sterling Silver
Rs. 50300
Traditional PLAIN Water Jug with legs - 8 Inch Ht. - Silver
Rs. 46020
Traditional Jug in matte finish with embossed design - 8 Inch Ht. - Silver
Rs. 39000
Traditional Jug with embossed design of Chinar motif - 9.5 Inch Ht. - Silver
Rs. 51000
Traditional Bed-room set of one jug and one glass in one liter capacity in sterling silver
Rs. 31330
Beautiful sterling silver jug with fluted design 2 liters size
Rs. 53840
Beautiful sterling silver jug set ... 1+6 jug and glass set with fluted design 2 liters size
Rs. 130120
Traditional PLAIN Jug + Glass Set of One Jug and Six Glasses with Bamboo Edging - 925 Sterling Silv
Rs. 98300

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